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Planning for your retirement…is like training for a triathlon

I thought I was relatively fit. And then I decided to do my first triathlon! It was only a short distance and I did make it (just), but it got me thinking about what I needed to do to make my next goal, and just how much training for a triathlon is like retirement planning.

Start early. It’s a lot harder competing in your first race at age 60. If you’d started training younger – at least in your 30s – you’d find that you have the stamina and techniques in place. The same goes for retirement planning, start making small contributions towards your nest egg as young as you can.

Will you have enough? You think you’ve got enough steam to last, until you realise the distance is longer than you thought. We are all living longer, so make sure you have estimated the amount of money you’ll really need for a comfortable retirement.

Be disciplined. Training requires consistency. In the same way, you need to take control of your superannuation, keep good records, be actively interested in what it’s earning and where it’s invested. Remember, super is your money.

Remember the end goal. There is no better feeling than crossing that finish line, knowing you’ve done your very best. When it gets tough, keep focussing on the euphoria you will feel when you’re experiencing the freedom of the retirement you dreamed of.

Get a coach. Retirement planning is a tricky area, especially if you are looking at aged care accommodation options. Don’t go it alone. Get good advice so that you can plan out the steps to reach your goals and have someone in your corner helping you get there.

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Shane Lee

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