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Michelle celebrates 20 years at BMO

Staying true to values and adopting new ideas and technology have been the cornerstones of Accounting Partner Michelle McVeigh’s career as this year she celebrates 20 years with BMO Accountants.

Over the past two decades Mrs. McVeigh, who has worked through seven Federal Elections, five Summer Olympic Games, and 13 Stock Market Crashes says the changing environment has provided the greatest challenges and opportunities in her career.

Joining BMO in 1994, Michelle quickly worked her way up through the ranks, to be named an Associate in 2005 and an equity partner in 2008 She now leads the organisation alongside Accounting Partners Peter McKinnon, Adrian Rasmussen, Kelvin Tyler, and later David Briese, and Financial Planning Principals Mal Smith and Shane Lee.

Over the years Michelle has watched BMO grow from a humble 13 staff members to an ever-expanding 50, she has watched as BMO developed from an Accounting firm to an all round Business Centre.

michelle presenting1_web“The technology has definitely changed the most over the past 20 years, when I first started there was a single person whose job was to type up and print out all the information and pass it back to the accountants. Very time consuming’ Michelle Said “Now each staff member has their own computer, with two screens and BMO has embraced a paperless system.”

Being an accountant is a profession that Michelle loves “If I didn’t love it I simply wouldn’t do it. I love the lead up to June 30, I really thrive on the opportunity to work with businesses to come up with tax minimization strategies for them. It’s a real buzz when you get to 30 June and you know you have really helped people.”

Mrs. McVeigh also has a full plate outside her BMO role, working closely with husband Andrew on their farming business, and a busy mum to two boys, aged 12 and 14.

“People ask me about work-life balance, and I know I am very fortunate to have a family that supports my choice to be a partner in the business. All the partners at BMO have worked hard to support each other so that we are able to be there for important times in our families’ lives. I couldn’t do what I do without the right people around me.”

Over the past few years the most common challenges that rural accounting firms would be getting attracting experienced accountants to Dalby. “It’s difficult to entice people to move to a rural community, until they live here and appreciate what a great community it is, so attracting the younger generation has sometimes been difficult”

As a solution to the recruitment dilemma, Michelle has been a driver of the BMO traineeship program whereby students join BMO part time during their final year of school and take up a post full time when they finish school.

“We find that they learn very quickly, having an opportunity to do their study while earning money, and they are eager as they know the good performers have excellent career prospects to work their way up at BMO.”

“We are extremely diverse, we have multiple paths and avenues team members can take whilst working at BMO. We have a great enthusiasm for what we do, and everyone here is passionate about their line of work. I think once people see that, they know we’re not just another accounting firm.”

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