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It’s tax time!

We invite you to gather your documents for the 2015 financial year and make an appointment to see one of our friendly and qualified team members. We will do our best to make the process as productive as possible and achieve the best result we can for you.

To help you get ready, here’s a checklist of some common items that you may need to compile and bring to your appointment:

  • PAYG Payment Summary
  • Details of any bank interest
  • Dividend payment details
  • Rental property details
  • If you have bought or sold property or shares, please bring in details
  • Private Health Insurance statement
  • Tax Statements for managed funds
  • Work related expenses, such as uniforms, union fees, subscriptions
  • Income protection insurance premiums
  • Motor vehicle expenses, if you used your car for work purposes (including log book)
  • Any donations over $2 that you made to a registered charity
  • Medical expenses: This tax offset is being phased out over the next 5 years and the rules have changed significantly. If you were out of pocket by more than $2,218 and claimed the offset in 2013/14, you may be eligible to claim the offset in the 2014/15 year depending on your income. Please feel free to discuss this with us.


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