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Big roll up at BMO After Hours

Around 70 people gathered at the BMO Business Centre for the Dalby Chamber of Commerce, Business After Hours event on Wednesday evening to eat, drink, network and learn more about the milestones BMO had achieved over the past 25 years.

BMO Partner David Briese welcomed guests and explained that while the firm’s foundations dated back to the 1950s, it was in 1990 that Martin Browne and Peter McKinnon first joined their practices to form would later become BMO.

Partner Peter McKinnon talked about his pride in helping to build a business that that had remained true to its values.

“I am often asked if, when I started out, whether I ever thought BMO would be the business it is today. Of course I say NO – because it has grown bigger than I had ever imagined, but as far as the way the client is treated, we have always worked hard to remain the same – personal service, listening to our clients and making BMO a great place to work. Recently a team member commented to me ‘I just love working at BMO, it is a fabulous place to work’. When you hear something like that you know you’re part of something special,” Mr McKinnon said.

Guests were then given insight into the range of services BMO offers by Partner Adrian Rasmussen.

“Today we are no longer a traditional tax accounting firm. Our business is very much about having all the financial and business advice under one roof including financial planning, self managed super funds, business development, lending, human resources, workplace health and safety, marketing, team building, succession planning, IT services and conference facilities,” Mr Rasmussen said.

BMO’s approach to professional development and creating a family friendly environment was outlined by Partner Michelle McVeigh.

“We love being able to provide our team, all 58 of us, with the flexibility they need to balance their work, social and family life,” she said.

“Our team receive hands-on training and experience here at BMO while they are studying. At this point in time, we have eight doing Uni degrees, one completing a CPA and two pursuing further studies through diplomas and certificate IVs.

“Our team members are quite the social butterflies as well – we have study groups, a running group, tri teams, pool competition, and have some really good parties together. We want to make sure that our team enjoy their time here, because if they enjoy coming to work they will pass this positivity and energy on to our clients and the Dalby business community.

Financial Solutions Partner Mal Smith shared the plans he and Partner Shane Lee had for ensuring their financial planning products and services remain tailored to individual client needs, while Partner Kelvin Tyler wrapped up the speeches by sharing how BMO’s value-centred approach had led to tangible outcomes.

He said BMO had recently passed its CPA audit with the highest ranking and had been told early this year that it was ranked number 58 in the Australian Tax Office Lodgement program.

“To be ranked 58 out of 22,000 tax agents in Australia… not bad for country town accountants,” Mr Tyler said.

Chamber of Commerce President Nick Koenig and Manager Trudi Bartlett took the opportunity to announce they had received over 1,000 votes for the 2015 Business Excellence Awards.

Cherrie Willett from the Dalby Leagues Club received the Exceptional Service Award for August and Leah Denning from Ray White received the award for July 2015.

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