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Being your best you

More than 140 people were encouraged to ditch their ‘cranky pants’, reach for their ‘happy pants’ and reclaim the best versions of themselves at a breakfast hosted by BMO Business Centre and Dalby Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday 8th February.

Keynote speaker Bruce Sullivan challenged the audience to embrace life with the energy of a four-year-old by being more grateful and less cynical, more curious and less critical.

The Dalby Leagues Club was filled with laughter and ‘ah-ha’ moments as the audience was reminded about the time they went to an important job interview, or on a first date, and how hard they worked to make a good impression.

“At the first date you were courteous, an active listener, you shared stories and laughter…you really connected.  Twelve weeks in, you are still dating this wonderful person, but you have stopped trying, you are no longer patient, helpful or forgiving, “ Bruce said.

He urged the audience to follow through intention with the right behaviour.

“I wonder if you ever intended to exercise and then sat on the couch visualising yourself exercising. Intention is a great start, but the real test is what we do or don’t do every day in every interaction in our work and family life.”

BMO Communications Manager Megan James said attendees found Bruce’s message both hilarious and confronting all at the same time.

“There was a real buzz in the room. Bruce’s stories had our emotions swinging between side-splitting laughter, while hitting us the serious reality that most of us spend too much of our life whinging and forgetting to live with the right energy.

“I think every person in the room left there inspired to make a change in the way they approach work, relationships and life after hearing his talk.”

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