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Boost your Business Breakfast at BMO

Local businesses gathered at BMO on Friday 23 February to learn about grants and programs designed to help stimulate business growth and new initiatives, with guest presenter Marc Morain, Principal Back to Work Employer Officer for the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning. The presentation outlined the role the State Government plays in supporting businesses and industry, and boosting economic growth through initiatives like the Back to Work program.

Here’s what attendees said:

While the breakfast was aimed at employment opportunities from both sides of business I looked at it as the opportunity to find areas where I can look for places to find information so I can make a change in direction for my business. The plethora of web sites available is astounding. To have guest speakers who have such a wide expertise in industry and government department knowledge is exciting and valuable. Every breakfast seminar I’ve been to at BMO has helped me to continue my business of 34 years.  Please keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one. Mel Kahler, Kahler Plastics

As a local business owner/manager, it is important for me to keep up to date with latest information and opportunities.  It is often difficult to attend seminars outside of Dalby so when our local Accountant invites guests speakers to provide information for employers I like to seize the opportunity.  Any information you walk away with is a positive for your business.  I find the breakfast forums a wealth of information as the guest speakers tend to focus on the important information that needs to be delivered as guests are on a time schedule.  There is always opportunity for guests to further explore and  engage with follow-up appointments. Cath Celledoni, Dalby Engine Rebuilders

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