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The BMO Values and what they mean to me

AEIOU; to many these are just vowels, but to the members of the BMO team they’re so much more…

When A for “Awareness” comes to mind I automatically think of the ATO’s forever-changing procedures and begin to roll my eyes. It’s tough trying to keep up to date. But with BMO’s training and wide range of knowledge it’s becoming surprisingly easier. BMO’s procedures and systems are simple yet effective. I am always looking forward to learning more!

The E for “Enjoyment” is one I personally love. It is equally important for you to come to work to enjoy yourself and have a laugh. BMO always has time for enjoyment when it is well deserved and that’s what keeps us close, on a more personal level. It’s about making the most of your employment and having that second family to be able to turn to. I can genuinely say I enjoy each and every day I’ve had at BMO so far.

I aim for the I in “Innovation”. Constantly working to improve your own commitment level and being ahead of the pack. It doesn’t matter if you’re scanning documents or working on a complicated tax job, each role at BMO is important and are the foundation blocks of ensuring the ultimate goal of client satisfaction. Innovation is about being creative and trying new ideas and stretch ourselves to think outside the square.

Our O for “Outstanding Service” is one thing clients should experience from the time they walk in the door to the time they walk out. Our ‘can do’ attitude should give clients the reassurance that we are willing to go the extra mile to assist with their personal situations. It could be as simple as smiling whilst on the phone and doing the little things to make a clients day.

The U for “Understanding” is very evident across all fields of BMO. Whether it be with clients, other team members or even yourself, it shows a commitment to listening and being considerate. When your team is falling behind, work with them to pick it back up; when your client is in drought, talk to them on the phone and discuss alternatives or options they haven’t considered. It’s those little things that make the biggest difference at BMO.

So the next time you hear AEIOU I hope you don’t just think about vowels, I hope you think about how BMO is using them to remind ourselves everyday to be improving our services and enjoying ourselves!

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Adrian Rasmussen

About the author

Adrian has been with BMO for over 30 years. He commenced in 1988 as BMO’s first trainee, studying his Bachelor of Business Degree and CPA on the job. He has a strong local heritage, having grown up around Dalby. Adrian has an intimate understanding of business and primary production and his qualifications and experience are backed by his genuine care and concern for people along with a READ MORE

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