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Work styles are changing… you need to be nimble

Work styles are changing… you need to be nimble

With the recent turbulence of our local economy, and technology at the forefront of our personal and professional lives, employees are becoming more expendable. The reality is that it’s not uncommon to find businesses operating with skeleton staff, some of which are now performing in a role which previously had to be covered by two or three other employees.

Whether you have experienced this already or not, we believe you need to be prepared. The same advice applies to both employers and employees. The need to be multi-skilled across all facets has never been so important.

Start planning now because our workforce styles and structures are changing quickly. By multi-skilling your workforce you will be ensuring that your team will become more agile and more adaptable to sudden changes. Vice versa for employees, we suggest you take some initiative and immerse yourself in the business. Why not pursue further study or take the time to learn and understand what your some of your colleagues’ roles are all about.

At BMO, for example, we work hard to make sure our team members look at the big picture for our clients, not just focus on one area, like tax. We encourage our accountants to be up-to-date with employment and industrial relations matters. When we’re working with our clients, decisions about tax planning are always made in the context of the clients’ annual cash flow planning, business growth strategy or future succession or retirement plans.

Part of the BMO Vision is to “be nimble”. We want our team members and our business to be able to adapt to economic, societal and technological impacts. We have a ‘one-team’ approach that means while team members might have their specialist area, we all support one another and take an interest in the different facets of our business.

At BMO, our team is exposed to a variety of different client situations day-in-day-out. We offer professional development opportunities and weekly training in a range of different areas to give our team members a chance to multi-skill.

Don’t get left behind. Have a look at your own business or role and look for ways that you can be nimble too.

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Adrian Rasmussen

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Adrian has been with BMO for over 30 years. He commenced in 1988 as BMO’s first trainee, studying his Bachelor of Business Degree and CPA on the job. He has a strong local heritage, having grown up around Dalby. Adrian has an intimate understanding of business and primary production and his qualifications and experience are backed by his genuine care and concern for people along with a READ MORE

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