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Experiencing the ‘real world’ at BMO

By Hannah Justins.

Some teenagers can’t wait to finish high school and get away from the teachers they dislike, the exhausting exams, the infuriating assignments and frustrating classmates.

So doing a week of work experience was a great chance to discover how different working in the ‘real world’ is compared to school.

I am currently in grade 10 and I received my first taste of the world outside of school on work experience at the BMO Business Centre. I am glad that I chose to spend my week at BMO because before I had no clue what I want to do when I finish school. I did know that I wanted to get into the business/finance field but I didn’t really know what that would be like.

“We’re not just accountants. We are a one-stop-shop for all your financial and business needs.”(BMO). BMO has given me an insight to the services that they provide. While I didn’t know what I want to do after high school, and I still don’t know, my time at BMO has provided me with more than one option that I can consider.

My week started out with an orientation and meeting everyone, then I helped the ladies at reception in organising the mail and preparing envelops to be sent out. On Tuesday I spent the day with the team in financial planning helping them with dividends. On Wednesday and Thursday I was working with the CSO’s (Tiffany, Jasmine and Ryan) scanning, entering BAS’, lodging tax returns and arranging the mail that has come in. On Friday, the morning started with scanning and mail opening, then after lunch I wrote a blog for the marketing team.

The people that I got to work with gave me an opportunity to experience work life. Everyone here on the BMO team are welcoming and friendly. They got me involved in their work so that I can get a taste of the different fields they offer. I enjoyed working with the people here and I appreciate that they had time to teach and show me how everything works.

Work experience has granted me the chance to experience what will happen out of school and BMO has granted me the chance to experience different aspect in business and finances I would like to consider. Even though I am still in grade 10 and can still change my mind on my future career, I am glade that BMO has given me the opportunity to explore this field that I find will possibly be what I would like to do when I finish school.

I still have a couple more years of exhausting study, exams and school ahead, but I know that it will be all worth it once I leave school when I can get out into the work force and get a job at a place like BMO.

Thank you to the BMO team for showing me a glimpse of life after school.

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