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Business Grants available now

Check out these grants currently available:

Provides small and medium manufacturing enterprises with co-funding of between $50,000 and $1,000,000 for capital investments and associated reskilling to modernise manufacturing processes, adopt new technologies, become more productive and create jobs:


Indigenous Business funding to bring a product to market:


Helping Primary Producers manage the welfare of their livestock during drought:


Relief from supply charges on electricity accounts used to pump water for farm or irrigation purposes:


Provides primary production businesses with tax deductions on farm management deposits to help them deal with inconsistent income from natural disasters, climate and market changes:


Provides Queensland primary producers and commercial fishers with loans of up to $2 million to start or establish a viable commercial enterprise:

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Dave Adams

About the author

Growing up in Guyra, New South Wales, Dave began his working career as a 15 year old cotton chipping and picking during school holidays in Garah.  Following his schooling and some time as a labourer, Dave joined the Army and upon leaving began a career in Human Resources. With over a decade of experience, Dave enjoys identifying and developing employees so that they  can achieve their best READ MORE

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