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Managing your employees during the pandemic

During this time there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how you should manage your employees during periods where they are unable to work. Given the circumstances the first thing that an employer will need to do is to be ready for change. By the time you read this information there will be new information that comes to light regarding this pandemic so you must be ready to move with it.

For now please use the following advice:

  • Ensure your employees are aware of their obligations regarding hygiene within the workplace.
  • Where you are able to, put in place contingencies for employees to begin working from home.
  • Where an employee is required to isolate due to returning from overseas travel, a family members has presented with symptoms or they are being tested themselves then please adhere to the Government advice and make sure they do not come to work.
  • While an employee is in isolation you may also offer them to work remotely. Please ensure that all measures are taken to not have anyone in physical contact with the employee i.e. have all communication via electronic means.
  • Where you are unsure of what you are required to pay an employee during isolation or if they are off work due to contracting the virus then please contact our office to discuss.

As we have said above these circumstances are continually changing. We will continue to update as more information regarding employees becomes available.

If you have any questions regarding the information above then please don’t hesitate to contact BMO.

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