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Our business started small and we have always been treated like we are somebody.

BMO is a “one stop” shop and there is a lot more training, guidance and feedback than our previous accountants.

Our business is small now but I just know we will grow with BMO on our side steering us in the right direction.

Our succession plan has taken many twists and turns over the years but Kelvin has always been there to offer us solutions and ideas and work with us and our solicitor to get the best results for us.

When we first decided to take the step and set up our succession plan, Michelle was with us on the journey to direct us and keep us on track and help make the transition an easy one for all our family.

We wanted to be hands-on with our managed fund, but we don’t understand all the obligations and rules, so it’s nice to know BMO have it all under control.

Having control of our super fund, what we invest in and watching it grow for our retirement has given us much pleasure but the most reassuring thing is knowing the BMO super team are there to assist and guide us in making sure our fund in compliant.

Shane is friendly, easy to speak to and always willing to answer all my questions. He explains things well in an easy to understand manner. I appreciate that he is always on time with information that I require. By his manner and work ethic I believe that he genuinely cares about us and our business.

BMO Financial Solutions has a good open door policy. They are easy to deal with and we get the answers we’re looking for.

Having an IT consultant just a phone call away in the same town is unheard of. It’s great to be able to ring and talk to a real person to help guide us through any issues we face with our onsite systems.

They understand our business and the pressures of farming. We can call up any time to check things and you never feel like you’re asking a silly question.

We’ve moved from Dalby to Adelaide and now Brisbane, and never felt the need to change accountants. BMO offers such great service. Even though BMO has grown in size, it still has that small, friendly approach.