Team testimonials

Being a part of the BMO team you always feel valued. No matter what position you’re in- if you’re willing to show hard work and commitment you can guarantee BMO will reward you in the most enjoyable way possible.

I’ve found that BMO has such a friendly and understanding work environment, they provide you with a certain amount of days off per semester for study leave and exams. Just this year BMO has asked me to consider if I would like to go full time at uni- allowing me to finish my degree faster. It is thoughts like that, that really show BMO’s commitment to you as a valued member of the team.

What struck me most when I first started at BMO were actually two key things:

  1. The communication between partners and staff i.e. workflows and team meetings. It’s great to be kept up to date with what’s going on within BMO.
  2. The genuine caring nature of the partners and accountants towards the clients e.g. we consider clients affected by any new legislation or new schemes/financial support by meeting and seeing which clients are affected.

BMO has provided benefits and options that other companies don’t. The respect, appreciation and encouragement to be a team player means everyone is engaged and happy to be here.

Training is always available for staff allowing them to grow their skill set.

The BMO culture fostered to encourage and value staff. Being part of a team that is collectively striving to be the best is very exciting.

Making it clear that the sky is the limit — all suggestions will be given a genuine and objective hearing, regardless of age/position — so, the power to do really well at BMO is in your own hands with BMO providing the tools to make it so.

I really love the flexibility with being a working mum and being able to re-negotiate days/hours through the difficult years of getting through kindy and school.

It is great working in such a lovely work environment with luxurious offices and the most up-to-date technology and resources available which in turn helps make us efficient with our work.