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Protect yourself against cybercrime

As we continue to be made aware of even more scams and email-hacks we are keen to alert you via a fresh reminder of some of the dangers and some ways you can protect yourself. One of the latest threats involves the perpetrator hacking your email and waiting for an invoice attachment to be sent to you. They then intercept the email, adjust the PDF invoice to replace the business’ bank account details with their own bank details, and then send the email through to you using a similar, but fake email address.

Unfortunately, you may not realise you have been hacked until the damage is done. But you can minimise the risks against scammers by ensuring your anti-virus and security software is up-to-date, securing your home wi-fi, updating all your passwords regularly, using passphrases and opting in for multi-factor authentication. Read our blog here for our full list of tips or visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre to report an incident>>

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